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The Discourse

Conversations with the visionary re-thinkers whose inspirational ideas are changing our world for the better.

The Discourse

Defining moments

Defining moments sees leading founders and CEOs share the events and influences that shaped their careers and turned them into leaders.

Defining Moments

This is software that can profoundly change the narrative for survival

Bea Bakshi

While working on the frontline of the NHS, Dr Bea Bakshi developed an innovative AI solution that can help diagnose cancer earlier.

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Hydrogen will be bigger than the Industrial Revolution

Rinaldo Brutoco

Clean, green fuel for all sounds too good to be true, but this entrepreneur’s new airship could make the hydrogen economy a reality.

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We need to normalise responsible fashion

Denica Riadini-Flesch

Meet the economist whose clothing brand is transforming the fortunes of Indonesia’s craftswomen, bringing fairer pay to one of the country’s key industries.

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How to address climate change? Plant a trillion trees

Yishan Wong

Following a high-profile Silicon Valley career, Yishan Wong is fighting climate change by accelerating the pace of reforestation.

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Good governance includes caring about your employees’ wellbeing

Kathy Matsui

The influential thinker and investor who coined the term “Womenomics” is now backing the country’s most ESG-savvy start-ups.

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Whatever the land is used for, we want to leave a legacy of improvement

Castle Howard

Nick and Victoria Howard’s “purposeful development” is making one of the UK’s most iconic properties a new model for reviving biodiversity and rural communities.

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You learn and grow in business and in love

The Elbas

What Sabrina and Idris Elba have learned about partnership.

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Investors should back people

Robin Klein

Robin Klein on risk, reward and resilience.

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This trauma hit us all, and with it came a ‘Covid conscience’ which has completely changed the conversation

Mary Portas

Mary Portas on fear, regret and capitalism with a conscience.

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The first decade was a mix of joy and absolute terror

Barber & Osgerby

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby on a partnership made to last.

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Creating cultural change. That’s what I do on top of my legal job

Sandie Okoro

Dr Sandie Okoro on the power and importance of being your most authentic self.

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There was no guidebook – nobody saying: ‘You’ve made it’

Ben Lovett

Mumford & Son’s Ben Lovett on the future of live music, checking his privilege and closing his career loop.

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I really don’t want a world where it’s only the white males from the same backgrounds who make the progress

Harriet Green OBE

Why Harriet Green has had a change of heart about diversity quotas.

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For as long as I can remember, I have always been thinking about magic

Dame Natalie Massenet

Dame Natalie Massenet on being an optimist, embracing change and paying attention.

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